The Media Learning Curve: June 19-26


What we know, and what we think we know … and what we’re still waiting to find out, OK?

== Bob Raisman of the New York Post didn’t think the national coverage fit the crime in the Manny Ramirez trip through Albuquerque this week (linked here)

== Will Tim McCarver and Joe Buck get you to watch “Mr. 3,000”? (linked here)

== What is ESPN doing in the soccer business? (linked here)

== Is one-time sportswriter (UCLA Daily Bruin, The Oregonian) David Kahn, now GM of the Minnesota TimberWolves, “drunk with power”? (linked here).

== Does FoxSports.Net really need a makeover (linked here)? The boss says so.

== Blind as we try to be to this, we could have just regurgitated this list about the ESPY Award nominees, but let someone else do it (linked here).

== Who’s covering Wimbledon, from the U.S. newspaper guild? (linked here)


== Why we’re supposed to be watching ABC’s “The Superstars” for the foul-mouthed supermodel ripping Terrell Owens (story linked here):

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