Roll out the bloglinks — find the stories from the newspaper … that made it into cyberfodder


In our latest edition of sports blogrolling today (linked here), we’ll give you further access to the blogs we were referring to:

== Kobe vs. Villaraigosa:
At LAObserved: (linked here)
At the Los Angeles Wave: (linked here)
At (linked here)

== Blake Griffin vs. the purple shirt:
At The Wall Street Journal’s “Daily Fix”: (linked here)


== Jarrett Stoll vs. Rachel Hunter
At (linked here)
At (linked here)

== Bill Simmons vs. Mike Dunleavy:
Simmons’ latest column on the Clippers and Dunleavy at (linked here)
At (linked here)
The Dunleavy interview with Colin Cowherd (linked here, via ClippersTopBuzz)
Also, how Simmons now sponsors Dunleavy’s page on (linked here)

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