More scenes from Dodger Stadium “Bleacher Beach”


Today, the beach is closed — the Dodgers are at another beach, in San Diego, trying to keep Manny Ramirez in the lineup. It’ll open up again, on schedule, July 19. And July 26. And Aug. 9 and 23. And Sept. 6 and 20. And even Oct. 4. With floppy hats and sandals and beach towels to be given away.

With today’s column on the Dodger Stadium “Bleacher Beach” experience (linked here) come a few more snapshots to share:

== First, you need to adjust to the view:


== Amazing enough, it looks pretty much the way when the park opened nearly 50 years ago (except we must know how to grow better grass these days):


== And, if you’re not afraid of heights, here’s the look down on the Dodgers bullpen from way up yonder:


== Back at the entrance …


You come in under the volleyball net, get a pass to wear around your neck, get lei’d and then are given one of the freebies for the day. Again, the leis aren’t optional. They must be worn. It helps when later, you go through the entrance to use the restroom, and the guard stops you to see your ticket. Well, heck, the ticket’s back at the seat. But I have this lei on. And another pass around my neck. And there’s a big “X” stamped on my hand. And I look bloated. Isn’t that enough of a hint?


Also, if you’re not into the loud, pulsating music, then avoid Sir Mix Enough and his partner, Mr. Scratchy, as they put on as much Michael Jackson as one can stand. It’s loud enough to almost drown out “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch.


Because the game really is a country mile away, and the women wearing the sun tops are so close, the eyes must focus on what is more naturally pleasing. There’s enough pleasing scenery to make sure that, when you get home, you can see what you missed on TiVo. We failed to catch the names of any of these young ladies. Our favorites had to be … yes, those two below. They were in charge of the $6 beer pours. At the end of the day, they provide the most satisfaction.


OK, maybe she with the expertise in handling the garden hose is more necessary in the long run. So, too, is escaping to the mister tent (not to be mistaken for Mr. Tent) provided by BigFog, the same guys who have the fans in the team’s dugouts. Still, we’re not sure how this kid was able to watch any of the game. We saw him almost the entire afternoon stuck under the mist. With a head of hair like that, it’s understandable. But eating hot dogs under there as well?


And yes, it was a surprise to see Manny Ramirez up there — three flights above “Mannywood” — enjoying the food as well with his people.


So what did we leave out?

The cost of tickets ($45 before hand, $50 at the game, or $35 if there’s a group of 10 or more) …

What kind of sunscreen to bring (45 before hand, 50 at the game, never 35) …

You know, all that information is at the Dodger site (linked here, at We’re not here really to sell you on anything. It’s just that, if the beach is your scene, then why not be seen here?

We’ll even send you over to a couple of other reviews:

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