Our Daily Dread: If you give a hoot, it’s ESPY time in L.A. again … so recycle that dress, Danica


Don’t look for an easy escape route off the Harbor Freeway this afternoon in downtown, especially at the offramp leading to the Nokia Theatre across from Staples Center where they’re still trying to clear Michael Jackson immitators.

They’re simply taping the ESPY show to air on Sunday night, when there’s much fewer sports events to contend with, rather than going live tonight when there’s nothing on the air (except HBO’s new documentary on Ted Williams).

This is traditionally the lamest day of the year in all of sports, and the taping of the ESPYs solidify that.

It’s the same old recycled show. Only now, they are proud of it.

Of all the press release information we could channel into this blog entry — about the host, Samuel L. Jackson, the nominees, the stupidity — this actually is something to be proud of.

We’ll leave it at this:

The 2009 ESPYs will represent a major step in ESPN’s continued commitment to environmentally friendly productions as the event, for the first time, will be carbon neutral. And, by implementing stringent recycling and composting measures, the ESPYs will again be virtually waste free.


“The ESPYs celebrate the best in sports every year, so it makes sense for us to raise the bar and make this event as green as can be,” said Maura Mandt, executive producer. “Each year, we will find new ways to improve our efforts.”

The 2009 ESPYs will reduce its environmental footprint through innovative waste reduction and recovery strategies, ensuring proper lifecycle management of materials through careful procurement and extensive recycling efforts.

In 2008, through comprehensive recycling, composting and responsible purchasing, 86 percent of all event waste was diverted from the landfill.

How it’s done:
== Set and dcor elements designed for reuse with many used originally in 2008;
== Locally rented items used wherever possible to ensure reuse;
== Purchasing consumables locally in bulk to reduce excess packaging waste;
== Reusable water bottles and refilling stations to eliminate over 5,000 individual single-use bottles;
== Necessary disposables will be carefully selected to ensure maximum recycled content, ability to be recycled or composted, and use of renewable and sustainable materials in the manufacturing process;
== Extensive, rigorous program to recover every possible recyclable material;
== Beyond basic recycling of paper and beverage containers, construction and demolition debris, cardboard, food waste, electronics, even cooking grease will also be recycled .

ESPN will apply energy conservation strategies to minimize the use of fossil fuels and prevent pollution. After reducing energy consumption wherever possible through innovative applications, the remaining greenhouse gas emissions will be mitigated through carbon offsets.

== Solar and wind power to be used on red carpet and press center; after show, solar panels to be donated to local charity;
== Multi-passenger vehicles instead of individual limos for many ESPYs special guests to reduce vehicle miles driven;
== Hybrid and flex fuel vehicles used for other transfers;
== Energy efficient electronics used wherever possible;
== In honor of the nominees, trees planted in Los Angeles to improve local air quality and temperature;
== Using bioplastics instead of petroleum based plastics for all disposable foodservice products;
== Waste grease collected from venue caterer and concessionaire and turned into biodiesel.

ESPN has developed an environmental awareness campaign to encourage individual participation beyond the scope of the event, inspire future productions and create lasting impact.
== Staff specially trained to explain and implement environmental efforts;
== Sustainable products featured throughout the production, with the environmental benefit of using each item explained;
== Eco-facts played in-theatre for all ESPYs attendees during pre-show;
== Environmentality section on www.espys.tv to share environmental best practices; www.Idealbite.com eco-facts to explain everyday individual efforts that benefit the environment.

== Red carpet for arrivals and carpet in press tent made from 100 percentrecycled material and will be reused after the event and recycled at the end of its usable life;
== Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood used wherever possible for set construction;
== All paper products made from high post-consumer recycled content;
==Non-toxic hand wash and cleaning products used in ESPY production offices and venue bathrooms;
== Lanyards for staff credentials made from 100% recycled material.

And, yes, Chris Berman will recycle a few ad libs he’s tried over the years but just didn’t seem to hit it out of the park.

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