Our Daily Dread: Manny Being Money, for more than just the Mad Men


How much does a true-blue Dodger fan truely value Manny Ramirez?

One interesting way to measure this comes Wednesday night, after some 50,000 Manny Ramirez bobbleheads are handed out to those with the foresight to purchase a ticket to that night’s Dodgers-Reds game. Enough follks got on board for it to be anounced as sold out back on Sunday, which is pretty tough to do in this economy for a weeknight contest for an opponent that’s hardly a rival any more.

Once these ceramic spring-loaded statues are distributed, how many will be kept; how many Mannys will be resold?


Some of us old enough to remember how collectables work — you collect them. We’ve collected bobbleheads, and still do.

Those who’ve grown up in the eBay culture have this ability to see a dollar sign attached to something and fanagle (linked here, as opposed to finagle) a value in something that can be exchanged for cash. ASAP.

Especially when there are people trying to outbid each other for something with perceived value. Maybe, sadly, especially in this economy.

Manny is by far the Dodgers’ MVP — Most Valuable Product — and watch how it plays out among the people of the city who claim they love him most, good or bad, clean or enhanced.

For $50 or more.

There are a dozens already preselling their Manny bobblehead today on eBay, without even having it in their hands. One person will presell you 10 of ’em for $494.90 (includes shipping, linked here), so that you may be able to set up your own Manny resale sale.

Wait there’s a Mannyhead already out there. Here’s a listing that read (linked here):

“Apparently, the Dodgers single A affiliate, Inland Empire 66ers, got their hands on some and gave them away to the first 1,500 fans on Friday, 7/17. The bobblehead design is the same but the sponsor on this one is San Manuel Casino whereas, I think Kaiser is sponsoring the bobblehead given to first 50,000 at Dodgers Stadium. Also, it says Single-A on the box itself. We waited 4 hours in line to get them!! I only accept paypal and please add $5 for shipping. Thanks for looking!”

Buy that one now for $39.99. Or, someone from Fontana going by the name “supermexxicn13” has, for example, a listing of a special presale offer: 50 bucks will get you the deal (linked here). As soon as a couple of days after the person gets the thing.


With free shipping.

There are also several people offering up their tickets to the game — and with that, forfeiting their prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jacks box.

This should be no surprise, considering all that is Manny available these days for sale. And just like Manny, no one’s really apologizing for how this happens.

In the Dodgers’ official stores on site, Ramirez retail comes in many shapes, sizes and prices. Follow the money to follow the MannyStuff.

Starting, of course, with the $25 dreadlock wigs. Make for great pre-Halloween costumes.

There are at least four types of T-shirts for sale, from $28 to $30. One actually has his image on it with the words: “Take Us To The Promised Land.” This is getting kinda creepy now.

There are a couple of other “limited edition” T-shirts we’ve spotted — the scripted “Mannywood” types given to those who buy the special $99 ticket deal for field-level seats down the left-field line. Another says “Welcome back Manny” that a couple of kids were sporting at the stadium last night, but could only say their dads got it for them.

Reproduction jerseys with Ramirez’s name and number go from $150 to $280.

A display of trading pins in the glass case at one souvenir stand actually didn’t have one with Manny on it.

“Not yet,” said the clerk.

I ran into Christopher Harvill, who runs Art of the Game, during Monday’s game and he has a special displays down in the left-field corner concourse — Mannywood West — in addition to the one that’s been on the club level for a while.

The surprise, really, isn’t that a simply signed Ramirez ball goes for $329. “He has a very unusual signature,” Harvill said.

Or that an 8×10 photo of Manny is also $329, with a 16×20 going for $439.

It’s that a well known artist, Stephen Holland, created a very cool looking Manny pop-art on canvas portrait that’s selling for $1,650 — and at least five people have already bought one. There are 99 prints for sale, and Ramirez has signed 10 of them so far.

Manny’s Value is Perplexing.


By the way, don’t be confused by this newer Dodgers’ Manny bobblehead. A MLB version that’s been out there is selling for about $25. It’s called a “bighead.”

Something Manny doesn’t really seem to have these days, does he?

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