The ABA in L.A. … and on Versus


Apparently, there is an American Basketball Association team in Los Angeles known as the Slam. Where this team plays, who’s on it, who coaches it … kind of a mystery, if you go to their official site (linked here).

Does a team playing in Maywood make sense? Near Huntington Park? Near the 710 and 5 freeways? With someone called “The Game”?

That said, Versus announced today it has agreed to do 11 ABA games for the 2009-10 season, on Saturday afternoons, starting Nov. 28.

This really isn’t your father’s ABA, which once featured Dr. J., started the 3-point basket and red, white and blue ball. This ABA tries to do all the same kind of trickery that the former rival of the NBA did, but this league hardly has as much impact as it once did.

This ABA, for example, has about 60 teams in cities such as New York, Chicago and Detroit, but thrives more in cities such as Beaumont, Texas.

Same ball. More info:

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