The Media Learning Curve: July 17-24


Boy, do we ever need to get a grip. Who can teach us the best way to keep our fastball working with all the lessons to be learned out there this week?

And we’re not only talking about Erin Andrews’ inability to put a piece of Duct tape over the peephole on her hotel room door. That should be standard proceedure, sadly.

Other than that, we were sure that you knew about:

== The newspaper business trying to reinvent itself, and the lack of coverage on the L.A. Kings — really? — is the best angle to this latest assessment (linked here).

== ESPN trying to bury any news about Ben Roethlisberger’s sexual assault accusation, because ABC is trying to do a reality show with him and Shaquille O’Neal and this would really put a wet blanket over it (linked here and linked here).

== L.A. has an American Basketball Association team, and Versus wants to show ’em (linked here)

== Anyone who still has Time Warner Cable in L.A. is a) lazy, b) a machocist or c) owns stock in the company. Does missing a Man-Ram grand-slam mean anything to you? (linked here)

== ESPN’s new ombudsman Don Olhmeyer admits he doesn’t watch all that much of the networks (linked here) Meanwhile, New York Daily News columnist Bob Raissman writes that having Ohlmeyer as the ombudsman, considering his “entangling alliances,” is “kind of like appointing Don King the commissioner of boxing.”

== Since Shaq couldn’t get kids to lose weight, a “reality” show with him playing other stars in their sport of interest is more filling (linked here).

== Please, Larry King, get off my radio pretending to be a Dodgers broadcaster (no, it’s not what Charley Steiner wished for on his 60th birthday) (linked here).

== Tony Kubek, going into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend as a broadcaster, knew what he was talking about, says former parnter Bob Costas (linked here)

== ESPN has its ’09 college football schedule set — who’s this school “TBA” that gets almost weekly coverage? (linked here)

== ESPN was about to launch 30 years ago, and SI had the scoop (linked here)

== CBS College Sports is sweet on Army football (linked here)

== Because Chris Berman will be predisposed delivering the longest introduction possible for inductee and Bills owner Ralph Wilson, Rich Eisen gets to put on his good suit and host the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremonies (linked here)


== What are the reviews of “The T.O. Show” on VH-1? Wait, we’re trying to hit on our hot real estate agent, then call our ex-fiance — because that’s normal — so you’ll have to excuse us if we just read what others have written (linked here and linked here) and leave it at that.

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