The Ramire$$$$ aftermath


After Wednesday’s column on the Business of Manny Ramirez (linked here) leading into the bobblehead giveaway, some had asked to see just what a $1,650 portrait of the Dodgers’ left fielder must look like to sell for such a premium.

That’s it above, forwarded by those who represent Malibu-based artist Stephen Holland. There are 99 prints made of it, and Ramirez has so far signed 10 of them. Five of them have been sold. They’re available at The Art of The Game (company link here) booth behind the left-field seats — Mannywood, if you will — with owner Chris Harvill ready to arrange for shipping and handling of the piece that’s more like 3 feet wide and 2 feet high — something in that ballpark. The larger version allows for a better look at the detail that went into this. It’s really something cool.

But… where do you hang it?

And as for Manny bobblehead sales on eBay since Wednesday night? The L.A. Times reports today (linked here) that “bobblehead dolls in Ramirez’s image show up on EBay after a signature homer by the slugger.” Well, facts be known, they were on days before that game (linked here). They’d been given out, some 1,500, at the Dodgers’ Single-A minor-league affiliate in Inland Empire on Friday, maybe to create a buzz and stir the marketplace. Then, people were listing them on eBay before the game, guaranteeing delivery. Some for just $50. Now, they’re going for twice that.

Too bad the Times couldn’t check a story already in circulation that could have been used borrowed scanned as a reference point for its pronounciation on the subject.

Oh, wait …

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  • para’s

    Nice work but I’m no expert. What’s up with the growling dog under Manny’s arm? Am I missing something?