Entertain these ideas to fix the LPGA, according to Rawson

One of those “E:60” news mag features on this week’s episode had reproter Tom Farrey talk with LPGA golfer and former USC star stroker Anna Rawson — with all the goods, despite the fact she’s only 104th on the prize money list.


Kinda reminds us of how the media once latched onto Anna Kournikova — a story about how the media is all over her despite the fact she never won.

The hook to this piece with Rawson, aside from allowing video shot of her, was to give her a shot at fixing the tour.

Aside from having an entire field of Rawsons play at one time, these are the suggestions she had in a column written for ESPN.com (linked here):

== “Every player should tee off to her favorite song at the beginning of the tournament and have it played again when she approaches the 18th green.”

== “Some LPGA tournaments should be played in conjunction with PGA tournaments. Both tours would play on the same course during the same week — and at the same time — while still competing for separate titles.”

== “Have a fashion designer create a piece of clothing or accessory for the trophy ceremony — a jacket specially made by Donna Karan, a gown designed by Vera Wang, CoverGirl could give the winner a makeover before the presentation.”


== “Until further notice, all decisions should be made from a marketing perspective. That idea might sound crazy to some, but I say let’s have that discussion when LPGA players reach the point where they can be accused of being over-marketed, overpaid or over-exposed.”

== “Every group should be miked up and followed by its own camera crew, not a hard or expensive thing to do in this era of cheap, portable devices that can send images and audio around the globe in an instant.”

Her conclusion: “We aren’t saving lives here on the tour, so to make a living we need to entertain.”

And so, there. We’ve presented it. And run a complementary photo. So sue us.

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