Our Daily Dread II: About EA Sportie


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It’s a list to check out occasionally, this “powergrid” at Mediaite.com that attempts to measure who’s got the most juice in several media genres — TV, print, online.

The last time we checked out the list (linked here) for 290 TV reporters, ESPN’s Erin Andrews is atop the list. Based on its “algorithm” that “weights some metrics more than others.” Such as TV airtime, Google buzz and blog buzz.

There, this mention alone should keep her there.

In Google buzz alone, her 1.25 million hits are as ridiculous high (but actually No. 2 overall to someone named Claire Shipman, a Senior National Correspondent for ABC’s “Good Morning America”) but Andrews’ blog buzz and news buzz numbers are higher than anyone’s in the category. Yet, she’s only No. 45 in “network/show viewership.”

The rest of the list may put into perspective how out of wack this list really is.

No. 2: Jack Taper, the Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News. Never heard of him.
No. 3: Chuck Todd, chief White House correspondent for NBC News and on “Meet the Press.” Ditto on notoriety.
Nos. 4 and 5: Morley Safer and Mike Wallace. “60 Minutes” of fame.

No. 14: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.
No. 18: ESPN’s Michael Smith (ug)
No. 27: ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio

No. 108: Christiane Amanpour

No. 112: ESPN’s Shelley Smith

No. 140: Luke Russert

No. 141: ESPN’s Suzy Kolber
No. 203: Armen Keteyian

As for the list of radio hosts (linked here), Jim Rome comes in at No. 20, the highest of any sports-related shows.

What does it all mean? Can’t be certain, since we’re only sure about what it says on the side of the pool — 1 feet, 2 feet, 5 feet, 12 feet…. That’s what matters most when you’re trying to pick your lost trucks off the bottom without no one noticing.

As for Andrews, another measure of her “notice” factor was revealed on p2pnetnews.com (linked here).

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  • nycstone

    At one moment in ABC News history Claire shared the Sunday morning talk show with George Steph (the greek guy who worked in Clinton’s WH.) Both horrible choices for the show that Brinkley started with class and journalistic respect. George is an active Democratic operative. Thanks ABC! Claire was also a WH correspondent under Bush. Now, I think she’s all but disappeared. Maybe she works for GMA, but who watches?

    Jack Taper may become this country’s next Sam Donaldson. He is highly respected (or so I read) and has broken some good stories – that is truth.

    You have to be suspicious of this “poll.” The number of ABC/ESPN(Disney) crew near the top means there’s GOT to be some weighting… NBC’s Luke Russert?! Even his co-workers have asked where he’s disappeared to. (Google it) Something is wrong.