Our Daily Dread I: About Scully


The fact that Vin Scully’s status as a future Dodger broadcaster came up on Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon’s “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN’s Wednesday afternoon show only shows how much can be made with so little information.

Trying to pin Scully down at this point on whether he’ll return for a 61st season really isn’t fair to him, or the Dodger fans who hang on his every word. Meaning that any kind of media mania that might have been stirred up by a Los Angeles Times column this week about him implying that he’s feeling good about returning for 2010 are premature, if anything, and effectively backs the Hall of Famer into an uncomfortable corner.

What if, after this season, he talks it over with his family, doctors and muses, and decides it’s really not in his best interests to return? Does that make it look as if he’s now lying?

Options could change as well – according to sources, Scully could work out a schedule where he does no traveling, only home games, which could realistically allow him to continue two more seasons.

While it may sound just peachy today that Scully wants to return next season, he has factually not committed to anything. To extract a sentence from Scully pondering his future and start running with it is a disservice to him, the team, and the fans.

It goes back to a New York Times story last summer, as Scully went back to his alma mater at Fordham to receive an award, and told a columnist that he could retire at the end of the ’08 season, or maybe he’d come back. The fact that he said he may step down raised the same panic — created by the same L.A. Times columnist, to nearly have a meltdown and go all drama queen with a similar column a year ago.

Ease up on the caffine and let this vintage wine age more gracefully before anyone tries to uncork another half-cocked story.

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