The Media Learning Curve: July 24-31


You’re going to miss July, aren’t you? So are we. We’ve left a little piece of ourselves in July. Our innocence, for one. Our hopes and dreams, perhaps.

Barreling into August, the time when fans of pro and college football can’t wait to get their arms around more media TV information thinking that will speed the process up of the start of the ’09 schedule, we’ve learned some lessons in patience.

Kids today who have no idea how to be still and quiet with themselves, enjoying a moment of peace by shattering it with a cellphone text to no one for no apparent reason because they feel they’ve been left behind on the highway of information, stalled and unable to get around a traffic jam-up of fragmented sentences and run-on icons, should stop and smell the technology’s residue.

OK ….

That was your moment of Zenacity.

Now, to other things we’ve learned this week in Mediaville before Month No. 8 arrives:

== Dave Sims, a voice on the Seattle Mariners, says that other than him, the Dodgers using Eric Collins and Mike Clairborne on St. Louis Cardinals’ radio, there aren’t that many African Americans doing baseball play-by-play (linked here).

== Someone in Britian now cares to watch MLS games? (linked here). Oh, the first live MLS match will be on Aug. 8 when David Beckham’s Galaxy plays New England (do you think England fans know that New England isn’t part of their territory?)

== You got any opinions about ESPN sticking its MLB game analysts in the photographers’ well? (linked here)

== Why is it so weird that a sports writer has inquired about getting a front-office job in a big-league team? (linked here). How do you think Fred Claire and Ned Colletti got to where they were/are with the Dodgers? Can someone point that out to Omar Minaya (linked here)? What is Adam Rubin supposed to do? (linked here)

== Does ESPN have a “do not associate with” list? (linked here)

== Does ESPN has a “do not rehire” list after what this Dallas radio guy did, calling ’em out for not reporting on Ben You-Know-Who-Berger? (linked here)

== Erin Andrews has a lot of … juice (linked here). And, unfortunately, a reason to call the police (linked here).

== Doesn’t Vin Scully’s body of work literally speak for itself? He shouldn’t have to excuse himself if he decides to hang it up after this season, no matter what he tells anyone in July (linked here)

== Our fake sports story highlight of the week: “Lance Armstrong Inspires Thousands To Come In Third To Cancer” (linked here).

== Our real sports story highlight of the week: “Sportswriter charged in prostitution ring case” (linked here).


This quote is on page 54 of the new issue of ESPN The Magazine (Aug. 10 edtiion, with Yadi Molina on the cover):

“A casual cafe with a friendly attitude and satisfying, familiar food.”
— Larry Lipson, L.A. Daily News, November, 2007.

That’s the now retired newspaper food critic/reviewer/freeloader, and something he wrote back before hanging up mask when he visted Jeff Suppan’s Soup’s Sports Grill (21028 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills) (

The Daily News is finally represented in ESPN magazine — by a food review.

ESPN has done a spread on athletes who own restaurants, and picked the Milwaukee Brewers’ pitcher (out of Crespi High) as one to highlight.

The story says Suppon, pictured with his laptop, is in constant contact with those running the place during the season, and he responds directly to customer feedback “and logs into a feed of the restaurant’s security cameras from his laptop to check the crowds on Wing Night Wednesday.”

So, next time you’re there, turn and smile, and wave. And drop Soup a note, and he’ll write back. Seriously.

Drinks are on us. Not seriously.

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