Coming Sunday: In tune with the Bryan Brothers

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Trying to wrangle Bob and Mike Bryan is tough enough, but when you’re told to go somewhere on Stagg Street in Van Nuys, to a unmarked stucco building surrounded by an upholstery outlet, a bagel company, a Kosher bakery and a sheet-metal company, then it’s become both cool and strange.

The most popular men’s doubles team today, who’ll soon have the record for most tournament victories (perhaps by the time they’re 33), are near their Camarillo hometown to play in the L.A. Tennis Open, a place where they served as ballkids and played hide-and-seek through the facilities.

In addition to ripping it up on the courts, they’re trying to rip out a new CD called “Let It Rip,” with Mike on drums, Bob on keyboard and bass, and another new friend, David Baron, on vocals. Other tunes: “Chasing The Sun,” “Marching On,” “Spinning My Days,” and “Autograph.”

It’s tough enough telling Bob and Mike apart — thankfully, for their matches, they wear shirts with their names on the back. One of them has a scar under his eye, actually — Bob, because when they were kids, Mike through he was “He-Man” and actually cut him with a real knife.

They fight, like any brothers. Some more public. But at least they’re entertaining. Read more Sunday, if you can.

More on the Bryans:

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