Coming Friday: Jake Reiner, son of Rob, grandson of Carl … heir to Scully?


Juan Ocampo/LA Dodgers
Jr. Dodgers Broadcasters Eric Cuevas, left, and Jane Arkangel, center, join Jake Reiner, right, in the booth during a recent Sunday online broadcast. Cuevas was a 10th grade honor student at Loyola High School, where he is forming his own broadcasting club and is a catcher on Loyola’s baseball team. Arkangel, 9, was fifth grader who speaks English and Japanese.

Jake Reiner flew home to Brentwood from Detroit on Wedneday, having spent a day on the set in Michigan with his father, Rob, who’s in the middle of producing and directing a movie called “Flipped,” based on a teen love story.

“I have a little part in it,” said Jake, 18. “I’m the bass player in a band, and I have a pet snakes that eats eggs whole. My name is Skylar. I’m just in one scene.”


Rob Reiner made it a family rule — none of his kids are in his movies until they’re 18. Which leaves Jake’s younger brother, who’s 15, and younger sister, who’s 11, farther down on the waiting list.

Acting, though, isn’t Jake Reiner’s real passion. He’s going to Syracuse University later this month to begin studying broadcasting — with the hope someday of working for the Dodgers on their radio or TV games.

Jake has also been one of the stars of the new Jr. Dodgers broadcasting initinative, which has been cultivating young broadcasting talent by allowing them to call games from the press box that go live online for every Sunday home game. We’ll get more into that program and other apsects of the Dodgers Sports Lab in Friday’s media column.

Having done some acting at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, Jake understands what it takes to engage an audience.

“There’s a lot of showmanship involved,” he said. “You have to have a presence, especially as a stage actor, to make the audience comfortable. Performing translates to broadcasting. The audience needs to know they’re in good hands with you and they’ll know exactly what’s going on without any worry.”

Yup, the kid seems to have a lot of this stuff already figured out. Read more tomorrow.

== More on a recent ballpark tour that Rob and Jake Reiner took (linked here)

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