Our Daily Dread: The Snoop Dodger Dogg, apparently without all the bun control issues


The Dodgers say Wednesday night’s game against St. Louis is nearly sold out — again, it’s a bobblehead night, but this time, featuring Matt Kemp instead of Manny Ramirez.


To help promote it even more, the team has created a video that aired on the Prime Ticket pregame show on Monday, and appears to have some shelf life on the website (linked here), or, as it says in the latest media release, “the announcement comes just as a three-minute video featuring the Dodger center fielder’s ceramic likeness is spreading rapidly on the Internet.”

“Isss your boy, Little Matt,” says the voiceover that unfortunately appears to be FSN’s Michael Eaves, probably crossing another line in a media member agreeing to help the team with a give-away promotion. “Awwwwww, yeahhhhhh.” (That last line, used twice in the clip, makes it official — that’s the tragically hip Eaves).

What could be more tragic — or provide an even bigger backlash — is the Dodgers’ curious decision to employ the image and personal assistance of Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. , aka, rapper Snoop Dogg, not just in this video, but to help market the team with ticket sales and billboard endorsement.

Apparently, after using some focus groups, those who make decisions in Dodgertown have determined that Mr. Dogg apparently makes this organization look more urban, edgy, gangsta and … less suburban. Two dolla Tuesdays only looked so far away.

After all, according to the information currently at answers.yahoo.com, Mr. Dogg was “bangin with (the) rollin 20’s crip in long beach” during his youth, and wikianswers.com suggest he is still a “crip,” which explains why he can comfortably wear the blue of the Dodgers if his “homies” wonder about his allegiances these days. (So what’s he wearing on the USC football sidelines, then?)

Seriously, we don’t have to go to our nearest bookie to get the over/under of all this coming back like a dogbite on the team’s marketing rear end someday soon. It’ll probably happen before Manny’s next suspension.


The Dodgers and Mr. Dogg started their relationship last August when he threw out a ceremonial first pitch. MLB.com was so excited, it put a clip on its site, and Mr. Dogg added a link to his site as well.

On the website TheHollywoodGossip.com, this photo came with this caption:
“Batters, please. Don’t front on deez. Crowd the plate and the D-O-double-G will retaliate. Fo’ shizzle, nizzle, ma curveball be sizzlin’ up in this hizzle!!!”

Does Vin Scully speak jive? Who do we get to translate, Eaves, again?

Last week, the Dodgers decided the launch a moble ticket unit, driving around town to stir up business. David Ely, who wrote the story for MLB.com and had it posted on the Dodgers’ website, had this lead:

A few lucky Dodgers fans around Los Angeles on Tuesday got to buy Dodgers tickets from an unconventional vendor at an unusual venue.

Calling Snoop “unconventional” is like calling Andy Dick “somewhat abnormal.”

Under the comments posted on this story, one from “BornaDodger: asked: “Which marketing genius thought of this one? What’s next…Charles Manson in the weiner mobile selling Dodger Dogs?”

Further, as part of the greater, big picture marketing plan, the Dodgers have now used Mr. Dogg in the “This is My Town” billboard campaign. His billboard is on Sunset Blvd., near Olive, next to the House of Blues.

“I think it’s a great billboard,” said Mr. Dogg in the MLB.com story. “I thought that was a great look and a great partnership. Dodgers winning, Snoop Dogg winning, so it’s a good thing right now.”

Right now, it’s at least not a campaign that Mr. Dogg is running from prison. Or, as far as we know, he’s not running from parole officers, either.

It’s not like he has a criminal rap sheet or anything that would have hindered his employment at any reputable company that deals directly with the public.

Oh, wait. He does (some of it linked here).

His rap sheet may be longer than his rap resume:


== April, 2007: The 35-year-old is given five years probation and 800 hours of community service, and told he must not have any gang members in his entourage, after his arrest in Oct. ’06 at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank for possession of a gun and drugs.

== March, 2007: He is arrested in Sweden for suspected drug use.

== Nov., 2006: He was arrested on a weapons charge after he left the NBC “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” studios. Police said they found a gun and drugs after searching his car and home.

== Sept. 2006: Arrested on suspicion of weapons charges after a police baton is found in his luggage at John Wayne International Airport.

== August, 2003: Named by police in an affidavit claiming he lured underage girls in New Orleans to take off their shirts for a video by offering them marijuana and Ecstasy as he was filming “Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style.” The case was settled (and sealed) in July 2004.

== October, 2001: After searching his tour bus, Ohio police charge him with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He pleaded no contest, was fined $398.30 and given a suspended 30-day jail sentence.

== May, 1998: Charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in Los Angeles, fined $370.

== August, 1993: Charged with accomplice to murder in the L.A. shooting death of Phillip Woldemariam. In 1996, a jury found him not guilty of murder charges and deadlocked on voluntary manslaughter.

== July, 1993: L.A. police find a firearm in his car during a traffic stop. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to make three public service announcements, pay a $1,000 fine and serve three years’ probation.

== June, 1990: Arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover L.A. officer. He was convicted and served one year in jail.

If we missed anything, sorry.


And, if the Dodgers failed to do a proper background check on him before authorizing him to sell you tickets (or, whatever else might be in his pockets), that apology is yet to come. When it does, it’ll likely be Doggy style, with James Looney asked to scoop it out of the litter box.

Meanwhile, check out Mr. Dogg’s latest CD, “Ego Trippin'” which includes the song “Sensual Seduction.” Kind of what the Dodgers have with him at this moment in time.

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