Our Daily Dread II: The dirty (not so) little pictures of Erin Andrews


What’s Erin Andrews’ next move? It’s already been made by, and for, her.

So now, who’s more at fault, the aspiring ESPN sideline reporter for dressing up for the GQ cameras back in April for a spread that has been released in the September issue (check out the sideline-friendly shoes)?

Or the magazine editors, for capitalizing on publishing them at a strange time in her existence?

Or us, for being among those that has chosen to even mention their existence. Now that they’re part of the media circulation, we can’t really ignore ’em, right?


Then why do we feel more dirty than Ms. Andrews at this moment?


It’s still pretty fresh in our minds, hearts and adrenal glands — the story less than a month ago coming out that she’d been secretly videotaped through the peephole of a hotel room undressing, and then it being released on the Internet before ESPN stepped in (as did Andrews’ lawyers) with threats of big-time punishment.

Andrews has also has had to call 911 to get some “a&&holes” parked in a car outside her house to go away because, as she told the operator, and we’re paraphrasing, she’s suddenly become a sports version of freakin’ Brittney Spears.

Andrews has been laying low the last few weeks, awaiting her first assignment on ESPN’s college football coverage, set to launch in about two weeks. Reportedly, she’s also shopping her “story” around to the Oprahs of the TV world to get her side on the Importance of Being Erin.

It’s been far too long, in fact, since another Andrews story has surfaced. We thank GQ for its decision to put these pictures out there, despite what some may say is completely wrong. To our surprise, Columbia University still has a football team, and this provides the evidence.

(Just like GQ provided evidence earlier this year when it posted the photos of Sasha Baron Cohen prancing around as “Bruno” with the Birmingham High football team that got LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines’ jockstrap in a bunch).


Well, she does clean up nicely.

Like, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez (linked here), who writes that: “It’s too soon to be treating her as a sex symbol again.” That implies there is an apparent right time for her to be seen as a sex symbol again, but this just isn’t it.

In a story that appeared Tuesday on “Entertainment Tonight,” GQ Style Editor Adam Rapoport said Andrews, back in April when these photos were taken, was “up for doing anything” during the shoot. “It was the ESPN guys who kept saying, ‘Are you sure you want to shoot her in that?” said Rapoport.

Right, wrong or just still ridiculous, the EA Sports Chick, who does work now for EA Sports, remains her own smokin’ gun on an Internet looking for the next thing, or something recycled, to where even boundaries know no boundaries. Let the mud keep flying and expect an ESPN “E:60” report on this sometime in 2012, when she disappears from the sports landscape and takes up a new career as a probation officer.

There’s more, moron, and hardly just from us:

== The GQ story and photos under the headline “Erin Andrews Can Score: The ESPN reporter, an obsession of the sports-blog set, consistently lands that perfect sideline interview that captures the glory, the heartache, the drama of college football. But until now, we had no idea how good she looks in shoulder pads” (linked here)

== A two-minute video called “sexy (and completely authorized)” that goes with the piece and pretty much offers nothing more except for a saucy soundtrack:

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