The Media Learning Curve: Aug. 7-21


A two-week window to catch up on what seems to be important in the media world before the real shittake mushrooms hit the fan when football straps it on in a week or so (realizing that a week of vacation doesn’t mean there’s more stuff to include in a media notes column, but far more to exclude):

== How does the SEC intend to inforce those who blog or tweet at their events live … also known as: distributing photographs or video of its games in real time for commercial use? (linked here)

== The Tennis Channel and Cablevision have a problem now (linked here), which the NFL Network has no intention of helping mediate.

== Versus’ upcoming 54-game NHL regular season schedule has the Kings and Ducks … wait for it …. still looking … a combined one time. …. and it’s not Anaheim. (linked here). And NBC kicks in with … ziltch (linked here).

== There’s more soccer on TV … yet Jay Glazer is only upset with how ESPN is mocking him (linked here) and (linked here) and (linked here).

== The New York Jets want players to tweet … isn’t that sweet (linked here)


== New ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer has learned how to sign on to his computer (linked here).

== Nicole Manske … enough said (linked here).

== Are the Cincinnati Bengals keeping up their end of the bargain with HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series (linked here).

== John Madden is still retired, although he says it really hasn’t started … not when you’re having a room with nine 63-inch monitors installed. (linked here)

== ESPN’s Jamelle Hill has another “moment” to reflect (linked here)

== How do you gauge if your blog is a “hot sports site”? (linked here) Aside from asking us — and no, we don’t really see it.

== Rick Chandler at has an answer to the “Shaq Vs.” theft protection story — it involves Kardashians swinging from monkey bars. (linked here).


== David Letterman’s Top 10 list related to Brett Favre’s return (not presented by Britney Spears, or Erin Andrews, in a bikini):

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