More dreaded daily stuff: The reaction on Pete Rose’s 20th anniversary of dead Red walking


In addition to the piece we’ve had in today’s newspaper editions (linked here), we also came across:


== Mike Schmidt’s plea to free Pete (linked here).
== Yahoo! Sports’ acknowlegement of the day (linked here), which includes Rose’s son going to bat for his dad (linked here).
== ESPN’s Jayson Stark believes there’ll never be a Pete Rose induction day (linked here)
== Support from Hank Aaron (linked here)
== Go ahead and cast your own votes (linked here)

And some of the emails I’ve received so far (in addition to comments made on the story’s website link) include:

== I understand the commissioner’s stand on Pete Rose/betting on baseball. It may seem harsh, but if you don’t want active players, etc. to bet on baseball you have to have a firm stand. However, the steroid issue seems to indicate that MLB has a double standard. To be consistent, you need a (perhaps harsh, but) firm stand on illegal substance abuse, and here’s why. If steroid use is not treated as harshly as betting, more damage is done! Young players all over the baseball world are watching, and your message is: “Bet on baseball and you’re out. Use harmful drugs, you get a slap on the wrist!” … Restore baseball to its honorable position by promoting real heroes as role models! You lost me when Willie Mays retired. I returned. You lost me again with Pete Rose. I returned. You lost me again with the strike. I returned. If you don’t handle this steroid mess with courage and steadfastness for what is right, I’m gone, and I think many other would be fans are gone with me. … I’m really fed up with the hypocrisy. Either restore Pete Rose (slap on the wrist) and continue the current steroid stand, or treat it with firmness. I feel bad for Pete-in spite of his bad PR moves, but this steroid thing is potentially much more harmful if it’s not dealt with harshly.
== Dave Kachele

==The Hall of Fame is a sham without Pete Rose. Twenty years is a long time to be punished for gambling. Now before you say anything, let me be clear, I do not gamble. You seem to think that Pete should continue to be punished because he makes a living signing baseballs and shirts? People want his autograph, plain and simple. I grew up rooting against the man because he was on the wrong team, but man oh man, did he light it up. He always gave his all and more. His records speak for themselves. .. Are they going to refuse entry to the Hall of Fame to all of the steroid users? Pete’s accomplishments on the field as a ball player earned him his place in the Hall of Fame. The people in charge of keeping Pete out of the Hall have gone way over board.
== Michael Rescigno


==I am not a baseball fan, but one cannot ignore the saga of Pete Rose. After all, I am only 85 years old….and a woman at that! I learned very early in life that “forgiveness” is something that we should all contemplate and mete out to fit the situation. I have seen in recent news items about the release of a monster who caused the deaths of an airplane full of human souls; the football hero who tormented and brutally slaughtered his dogs who didn’t please his lust for watching dogs fight to the death; a man who killed his mother many years ago is released from prison on the grounds that his attorney did not defend him properly … Now, please tell us again what a lifetime sentence means and how often is it carried out. I am not a Pete Rose fan, but when is enough enough? Or do you like the false “Mea Culpa” speeches that are required for the current form of forgiveness.
== Frances Nelson

== Obviously, Pete betting on baseball was completely foolish, but after 20 years he should be forgiven. The fact that there is no evidence that he bet against the team he managed does not put him in the same category of the 1919 Black Sox. The lifetime ban punishment was intended for those who would purposely lose games like the Black Sox. I do not believe you are truly being objective in your criticism of Pete in the past 20 years. Pete is currently serving a lifetime ban from baseball. Every time Pete has applied for reinstatement the commissioners have not acted. How do you expect Pete to make a living if he is not allowed back into baseball? Don’t you think many of his actions that you call PR disasters are a result of him trying to make a living? I understand that Pete brought all of this on himself, but 20 years is enough. When baseball allows people like Steve Howe, Strawberry, and Gooden numerous second chances; I think it is time to let Pete back into baseball. Even if Pete is reinstated there are no guarantees that he would be hired or elected into the Hall of Fame. We are all human, we all make mistakes, but some of us have to pay a higher price for our wrong doings. Pete has had to make a living during his ban. However, it is journalist like you that make Pete larger than life by continuing to vilify him. I guess, like Pete, you have to make a living too.
== Michael Godoy

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