Rick Neuheisel to Erin Andrews: How you doin’?

One of those awkward halftime meetings, with everyone looking on, as Erin Andrews approaches UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel for some nonsensical blather heading into the locker room as his team managed to hang onto a 10-10 tie at the break against Tennessee today (although the Bruins could have had a 13-10 lead, but the field goal was wide right as time expired).

Brad Nessler, throw it down to EA Sportie:

EA: “He (Neuheisel) is asking me how I’m doing … (giggle) … How are you doing!?!”

RN: “I’m havin’ a blast …”

Big smile from EA …

More blather …. some question about maturity … finally, from EA: “What’s the biggest thing you’ll stress to Kevin Price in the locker room?”

RN, looking down at the ground: “Kevin Prince just needs …”

EA, moving the mike back toward her mouth: “Sorry …”

RN: “…to relax …”

And so does EA.

Relax. Figure out what the names of the players are before axing the question. Don’t get flustered. RN is trying to make you relax. You’re on his playground. Relax …

And Ricky, don’t lose that number.

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