Because Hank Haney cured Charles Barkley’s swing so well, Ray Romano wants next


You seen Charles Barkley’s golf swing lately? Neither have we. He must be still working all the stuff Hank Haney taught him on that Golf Channel reality series last summer… Or isn’t.

Golf Channel announced today that the Season 2 of the series known as “The Haney Project” will next focus on someone much more funny, intentionally — Ray Romano.

It will debut in spring, 2010, as the two start working together this fall (and will likely include Romano’s annual appearance at the PGA event at Pebble Beach).

Romano claims to have a 13 handicap and wants to break 80 — who doesn’t?

“I followed Charles’ progress week in and out during the first season and I realized that Hank Haney was the guy who could finally get me to the next level in my golf game,” said Romano. “I’ve tried many ways to improve over the years, and I thought, ‘why not work with the best coach around?’ I told my wife about the project, and while she doesn’t know anything about golf, she does like the idea that after 21 years it’s someone else’s job to try and fix me.”

This might play into the latest role for the former star of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Romano’s next TV project starts in December, when he will executive produce and star in the TNT show, “Men of a Certain Age.” He plays, according to the network: A friendly, slightly neurotic, divorced father of two who had dreams of being a professional golfer but instead owns and runs a party store.

And then probably sells beer to Barkley.

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