Cris Collinsworth, with $100 bills coming out of his pocket, joking about hitting on 14 year olds, and so sorry he said so 25 years later

Thanks to AMartinez, during his “A-List” segment on today’s Mason and Ireland show (KSPN-AM 710), for referencing this:

It’s current NBC NFL game analyst Cris Collinsworth, featured in a 1984 “Monday Night Football” halftime piece on how single players in the league operated with the females.

The clip somehow made it over the weekend on YouTube with the headline: “Cris Collinsworth Is a Creep.”

The blog found the clip, ran it through the ringer, and others have been playing it, with comments, since. Including this one from Will Brinson on Fanhouse (linked here) calling it a great example of the current media shift.

Writes Brinson:

“And, yeah, sometimes it sucks that our lives are so tied to technology but you know what? Welcome to the rest of your life, everyone.”

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