The MLB logo guy … he has a name, OK?


Without Jerry Dior of Edison, N.J., there’s no red, white and blue iconic MLB logo.

OK, so …

The logo that debuted in 1969, as part of baseball’s celebration of its 100th anniversary, has an anniversary itself. Before Wednesday’s Yankees-Blue Games game at Yankee Stadium, and Friday’s Mets-Nationals game at Citi Field, Dior will be recognized in an on-field ceremony.

“Jerry Dior created a symbol that has stood the test of time,” said MLB boss Bud Selig in a statement. “Forty years after its introduction, the ‘silhouetted batter’ is instantly recognized worldwide as the official emblem of Major League Baseball. I’m glad that we have been able to acknowledge Mr. Dior’s contribution to our national pastime.”

We have more questions than answers here.

First, who was the player used as the silhouette for the MLB logo? Just something out of Dior’s imagination?

Also, if he did that in ’69, when the NBA start using Jerry West’s silhouette for its logo?

Has Dior made any residuals for this, considering it’s been copied for almost any other sport in existence?

UPDATED: And now more answers from MLB business PR man Jeff Heckelman:
= While many think it’s Harmon Killebrew (including Killebrew himself), it is in fact no one… The logo was drawn to be intentionally ambiguous… not right-handed or left-handed, black or white, a catcher or an outfielder…
== The MLB logo debuted before the NBA logo; in fact, the NBA commissioned Jerry’s firm to do the NBA logo, and specifically asked for it to be similar to the MLB logo.
== Jerry was an employee of a design firm commissioned by MLB to design the logo, and of course was compensated through his salary at the firm.

And more links:
==From USA Today (linked here)
==From (linked here)

Here’s Jerry, for the record and in all his logo glory:

i-1e98d484cd6f9653a128e0078addfc8e-JERRY DIOR AT MLB NETWORK.jpg
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