Our Daily Dread: Yes, they actually sell this tailgate stuff


The beer commercial with the pseudo infomercial pitch man comes on, loudly, dazzling the audience with all these fantasy tailgate items that one could ever need (or imagine).

Like the barbeque that doubles as a cooler — the Grooler. The harness you put on a dog to carry around the spatacula and other junk (like, your beers) — The Tailgate Companion.

The fake grass can — the Coozie. The giant blue foam finger that also has a beer-can holder — the Foozie. Both are a doozie (sorry, couldn’t resist).

The 24-pack bottle box that’s really a speaker for your tunes. A 3-in-one condiment gun that looks like a converted device you’d use to caulk your bathtub.

Unfortuntately, it’s real. And for sale.

The BBQ-Cooler is, according to the site (linked here) sold out. It was running at $125. Apparenly its a run-away best seller.

Fake-grass can: 6 for $11.99. Foam-finger beer holder: 2 for $9.99.

Tailgate companion: $4.99 (dog not included; made by Petfinder.com)

The speaker: “Now available in stores.” Not the ones I shop in.

The one-of-a-kind condiment gun goes up for auction starting in November. I may bid on it, just to say I have it. Or, I may go in the garage and make my own. I can caulk.

When all the looking was done, we realized we had nothing in our cart. Good for us.

When we wrote about it on this blog, we also realized we’d never mentioned the product. Even better for you, bud.

Dang it.


Now, you want crazy, creative and distruptive? Pop open a high octane energy drink instead, and see if you have Saturday afternoon free. They’re running the soap box derby in downtown L.A. (linked here). It should be pretty bitchin’.

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