Take this, NFL SpaceFace user


A highlight from Tuesday’s Dan Patrick radio (570-AM)/TV (DirecTV channel 101) show:

== Patrick to Fox analyst and former NFL coach Brian Billick: How would you police Twittering?

Billick: “Well you can’t stop players giving their opinions no matter how inane or idiotic they are. … It can’t happen on game day. If one of these knuckleheads Twitters at halftime: My ankle’s hurt, I’m not coming in the second half. And that goes public.. .and the gambling aspect … the whole nine yards.

== Patrick then asks about how to disicpline a player for having opinions contrary to the team:

Billick: “You better be careful there when you discipline a player because of his radio show, his Twitter, his My Face, My Space, My SpaceFace, whatever it is, he wants to criticize a coach, an organization … you’re going down a path I’m not sure you want to go. I’m talking more about those things being done in the workplace. We all have jobs … and certain rights when you’re being a professional. I don’t want my pilot on my flight to Detroit this week to be Facebooking and Twittering simply because he has the right of free expression. You know, why don’t we wait ’til we land and you do your job.”


Post script: Later in the conversation, Billick exercised his freedom of expression. He used the “making chicken salad out of chicken sh– reference” during an answer to a Patrick question. It was dumped on the Fox Radio Network feed. It went live on DirecTV. Patrick apologized for Billick going potty mouth. On the DirecTV 101 replay (from 9 to noon), it was also dumped there.

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