Your L.A. Week 4 college football TV schedule: What’s older than Joe Paterno? It Depends … on how old your joke is, and ABC’s sense of humor

There was video from Week 1 of Penn State coach Joe Paterno chasing some camera man away from his players as they were stretching before a game. The camera guy laughed as he backpedaled — all while filming.


Then there was that incident last year at the Rose Bowl, when JoePa refused to talk to Lisa Salters before the game, then headed up to the press box to watch his team get destroyed by USC. He talked to Chris Fowler afterward.

Salters was so nuts about it, the threw out the “he could be fined” for not talking to her (linked here). Then, three months later, he was quietly “punished” (linked here).

Welcome back to the World Wide Leader, Mr. 82 year old coach, (born Dec. 21, 1926) who finds his team ranked in the Top 4 of most polls, mostly because USC and Oklahoma have graciously given up their spots.


The new leader of the Big Ten has been picked to expose their shortcomings on this week’s ABC/ESPN prime-time Saturday game. You can start the beer-drinking game now: How many times will Brent Musburger say “JoePa”? …..

We know of three girls who are the clubhouse leaders so far…

Swigging ahead to the rest of the otherwise modest weekend of ballplaying, some teams in recovery mode, others trying to figure out how to mess up their Top 10 rankings before their fans wake up to the fact they just don’t belong there:


==UCLA: A well-deserved rest.
==USC vs. Washington State, Saturday, 7:15 p.m., FSN West (with Barry Tompkins, Petros Papadakis and Michael Eaves)


== 4:30 p.m., ESPN: Mississippi at South Carolina (with Chris Fowler, Craig James, Jesse Palmer and …. wait for it … Erin Andrews. Maybe wearing glasses)


== 6 p.m., ESPN: Missouri at Nevada (with Joe Tessitore and Rod Gilmore)



== 7 to 9 a.m., ESPN: College GameDay from State College, Penn., with Fowler, Herbstreit, Corso and Howard.

== 9 a.m., ESPN: Michigan State at Wisconsin (with Dave Pasch, Bob Griese and Chris Spielman)
== 9 a.m., ESPN2: Indiana at Michigan (with Pam Ward and Ray Bentley)
== 9 a.m., ESPNU: South Florida at Florida State (with Clay Matvick and David Diaz-Infante)
== 9 a.m., FSN West: Southern Miss at Kansas (with Joel Meyers, Dave Lapham and Jim Knox)
== 9 a.m., Big Ten Network: Minnesota at Northwestern (with Wayne Larrivee, Chris Martin and our Charissa Thompson)
== 10 a.m., TCU at Clemson (with Dave Weekley and Danny Kanell)
== 11 a.m., MNT: San Diego State at Air Force (with Ari Wolfe and Blaine Fowler)
== 11 a.m., Wake Forest at Boston College (with Ryan Rose and Jeff Genyk)
== 12:30 p.m., Channel 2: Arkansas at Alabama (with Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson and Tracy Wolfson)
== 12:30 p.m., Channel 7: Cal at Oregon, (with Terry Gannon and David Norrie)
== 12:30 p.m., ESPN: Illinois at Ohio State (with Ron Franklin and Ed Cunningham)
== 12:30 p.m., ESPN PPV: Miami at Virginia Tech (with Sean McDonough, Matt Millen and Holly Rowe)
== 12:30 p.m., FSN West: UTEP at Texas (with Bill Land, Gary Reasons and Emily Jones)
== 12:30 p.m., ESPNU: Pittsburgh at North Carolina State (with Todd Harris and Charles Arbuckle)
== 12:30 p.m., CBS College Sports: Western Kentucky at Navy (with Craig Bolerjack and Randy Cross)
== 12:30 p.m., Rutgers at Maryland (with Jim Barbar and Jeremy Bloom)
== 3 p.m., ESPN2: Florida at Kentucky (with Mark Jones and, Bob Davie)
== 3 p.m., MTN: Colorado State at BYU (with James Bates, Todd Christensen and Sammy Linebaugh)
== 4 p.m., ESPNU: Arizona State at Georgia (with Eric Collins and Brock Huard)
== 4:30 p.m., Versus: Arizona at Oregon State (with Ron Thulin, Kelly Stouffer and Lewis Johnson)
== 4:30 p.m., CBS College Sports: Louisville at Utah (with Tom Hart and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila)== 5 p.m., Channel 7: Iowa at Penn State (with Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit and Lisa Salters)
== 5 p.m., ESPN: Notre Dame at Purdue (with Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge and Erin Andrews)
== 6:15 p.m., ESPN2: Texas Tech at Houston (with Mike Patrick, Craig James and Heather Cox)
== 7 p.m., MTN: New Mexico State at New Mexico (with Dan Gutowsky and Robert Griffith)

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