More LFL email: ‘Just call it a stripper/bimbo league’


We follow up this email today (linked here) with one from a female reader:


“I have to thank you for your article. Lot of very good, and serious female athletes that I know, or work with, were somewhat insulted that the LFL young ladies call themselves athletes…. really?!?

Just call it a stripper/ bimbo league, and have them go at it at an adult club…. all involved will get a better experience, and more $$ can be made…

I am a full time coach at a D1 University, and I was a very successful athlete for over 20 years. I do understand the need to sell this project, but it shouldn’t come at all cost.”

The reader says she also knows Tui Suiaunoa, the defensive coordinator of the Temptation quoted in our column this week. Suiaunoa’s Facebook page has the story, and “just about all of his bar buddies are ready take you down for a revenge,” she writes.

That would be at this link (linked here). We refuse Facebook access. Care to convey what some of the comments that have been posted? Just in case they’re needed in a court of public opinion….

According to Suiaunoa’s page (linked here), he lists his occupation as a “bodyguard” for Guil-T Entertainment.

Guilty as charged….

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