The Media Learning Curve: Sept. 18-25


A website called — we’ll take it for what it’s worth — that has now posted odds of which broadcast team is next likely to split up, because of retirement, coaching job opportunity or just plain lousy.

Why they’s waste their time on this, or would coax bets out of degenerative gamblers, is another story for another time on another website.

We just pass on this info, for entertainment purposes only:

The favorite: Fox’s NFL team of Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick and Charissa Thompson — a 31-percent change of disssolving. So soon?

No. 2, at 27 percent:
= NBC’s Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Andrea Kremer
= Fox’s Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa
= Fox’s Dick Stockton, Charles Davis and Laura Okmin

No. 3, at 25 percent:
= ESPN’s Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden

No. 4, at 20 percent:
= CBS’ Jim Nuntz (cq) and Phil Simms
= CBS’ Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf
= CBS’ Ian Eagle and Rich Gannon
= Fox’s Chris Myers and Trent Green

No. 5 at 19 percent:
= CBS’ Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts

No. 6 at 14 percent:
= NFL Network’s Bob Papa and Matt Millen (who have not even done a game together yet)

No. 7 at 13 percent:
= CBS’ Kevin Harlan and Soloman (cq) Wilcots
= Fox’s Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver

Did they miss anyone? It’s just NFL guys and girls, so … why isn’t Jillian Barberie Reynolds Cougar Mellencamp (we should have just stopped at cougar) in this list somewhere?


Other stuff we learned:

== The 49ers highlight our L.A. NFL Week 3 viewing (linked here)

== JoePa highlights our L.A. college football Week 4 viewing (linked here)

== A million fools followed Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s unanimous decision comeback (linked here)

== Brian Billick wants to make chicken salad out of chicken droppings for his SpaceFace friends (linked here)

== Joe Buck colorfully takes down Craig Sager, for obvious reasons (linked here)

== We didn’t see Sean Salisbury, as advertised, on our Temptations-Dream Lingerie Football League TV broadcast last Friday … but we know now he’s busy planning legal moves and writing a tell-all book (linked here). He’s a USC journalism major. So watch yourself.

== Someone misses John Madden already? (linked here)

== Former Daily News columnist Mike Ventre has Jets fans steammed…. but that’s his job (linked here)

== “Shaq Vs.” actually kicked some tail … if you compare it to other sports reality shows that aired this summer … on ABC … on Tuesday nights … when Ross Porter was doing a Dodger game (linked here).

== ESPN Chicago and Boston are already here, and Dallas is coming Monday (linked here). L.A., early next year.

== Why didn’t the latest Arboblog (linked here) take humbrage with the the fan who, with about seven minutes left in Saturday’s game at Washington, gave him a new “lucky” Hawaiian shirt to put on? … And “truth be told,” he admits to knowing on Thursday that Aaron Corp was going to start at QB ahead of Matt Barkley but didn’t say anything on the broadcast leading into it?



== Luc Robitaille likes the direction the Kings’ website is going … by pillaging local journalists (linked here). Others don’t.

== Former Daily News columnist Paul Oberjuerge (linked here) discusses it on his blog.

== A take (by Adam J) on what this hiring by the Kings of the Daily News hockey writer could mean in the big picture (linked here).

This can go one of two ways:

1) The team’s monetary support creates a conflict of interest, particularly when unflattering news pops up, and the ensuing culture of oversight creates an uncomfortable atmosphere between Hammond and the Kings’ brass, making the experiment a failure;

2) Everything goes as Hammond predicted, which is to say “well.”

If it’s 1, that’s bad for hockey and journalism… and something that, judging by everyone’s reaction to the move, something everybody can see coming a mile away.

Ah, but if it’s 2, that’s brutal news for newspapers and media outlets. After all, teams wouldn’t be siphoning off all beat writers… only the best. What would be left is an even more barren media landscape and even less of a reason to sink money into the dead paper and ink industry.

God help us all.

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