‘It’s like when a midget stands next to a smart car … You ain’t tall, midget, you just clever’

Laughing German Midget – Watch more Funny Videos

That’s the line of the week from the first “Saturday Night Live” Thursday “Weekend Update” edition, when Bill Hader did his scary interpretation of politico James Carville.

The real Carville, appearing on CBS College Sports Network’s Tony Barnhart show today, had this to say when asked if he favored a playoff system instead of the current polls leading into a BCS title game:

“Of course I’m a playoff guy. If you want to know just how stupid this whole system is, the Coaches Poll has Penn State ranked above Iowa. This is the beautiful one, they have Cal ranked higher then Oregon. Last week they had BYU ranked higher then Florida State. How can anyone with a straight face defend the poll? Oregon beat Cal 42-3. I think I know who the better football team is…They have got to turn this thing around. And they can do it within the existing bowl structure.

“If it was up to me, every team would play nothing but conference games, and then have the conference champions tee it up and have all the bowl games be intersectional games…

“This system is no good. I pull against it every time. I hope there are three undefeated teams in the country, and I hope it’s just a big mess. That’s the one thing I pull for more than anything in college football, that the BCS just turns into a big, rotten mess.”

Maybe we can mute this and just put in those quote above as subtitles:

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