What else do you need to know about how the LFL runs its business?


From a post on SportsByBrooks over the weekend (linked here):

An upcoming game between the Chicago Bliss and the New York Majesty has been “postponed” for six weeks because of “issues with New York’s facility.”

The Majesty was to play their games at the Nassau Coliseum — yes, indoors — which is the home of the New York Islanders.

Speculates Brooks:

“My guess is so few tickets were sold that putting on the game would’ve been a complete embarrassment. And that (LFL founder Mitch) Mortaza finally got the hottie girlfriend outta all this that he dreamed of.”

As far as we can tell, your Los Angeles Temptations still plan to play their home opener at the L.A. Sports Arena on the day after Thanksgiving (linked here) and January 29 (linked here).

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