Considering his new (underwhelming) Laker deal, does L.O. have a bigger Kash-day elsewhere?


Q and A from today’s Dan Patrick show, with Darren Rovell, the sports business expert from (linked here, and formerly, on the line:

DP: Lamar Odom, with the Kardashian relationship … how does he cash in on this?

DR: (after a pause) I think he can only lose.

Both laugh.

DR: He has a nice wife. I don’t know how he can cash in. I will say when you have someone in a relationship that’s a tabloid person or will be in People magazine every week, that kind of extends your brand a little bit, but I think it’ll make it harder on his personal life out there in L.A., but I can’t imagine he cashes in any more because of that … Just get the pre-nup, c’mon man. Gosh … not good.

Odom does, at least, have a new T-shirt for sale on his website (linked here)

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