Even from across the country, Bree McMahon’s story hits home


Bree McMahon, a 17-year-old from Freedom High School in Orlando, Fla., is someone my sister-in-law Lori knows well.

When Bree went to St. John Vianney School, where Lori once taught, Bree was in the seventh grade and part of a Teens in Action Group.

“She is an amazing young woman,” Lori wrote in an email today. “I would just like to ask you all to pray for her in the upcoming weeks and months.”

At a car wash fundraiser recently, Bree was accidentally crushed by a car when a driver’s foot slipped off the break and hit the gas pedal. She has had one leg amutated and doctors are trying to save the other.

Orlando Sentinel sports columnist Mike Bianchi did a column about her on Friday (linked here) and then a follow up on Monday (linked here) and has been able to get some local athletes to help.

Have a look at the columns, say a few prayers, and then go hugs your kids.

Here’s the video of a local newscast:

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