They’ll see your dollar and give you 12 in return for a Dodgers-Angels series


When we asked former Dodger and current Fox analyst Eric Karros for his best guess, on a scale of 1-to-10, of a Dodgers-Angels Freeway Series later this month, he offered up a 3.

So, that’s a 30 percent chance.

Those at beg to differ. They think it’s even more remote.


The website’s odds posted of what the exact World Series matchup will be have the Dodgers and Angels as 12-to-1.

The AL Central winner (Detroit or Minnesota) against the Colorado Rockies is the highest improbability, at 22-to-1.

The rest:

= The Dodgers against the New York Yankees (9/2), against Boston (10-to-1) or against the AL Central champ (18-to-1).

= The Angels against Philadelphia or St. Louis (10-to-1) or against Colorado (14-to-1).

= New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia (7-to-2), St. Louis (3-to-1) or Colorado (5-to-1).

= Boston against Philadelphia or St. Louis (17-to-2) or Colorado (12-to-1)

= The AL Central winner against Philadelphia or St. Louis (16-to-1) or Colorado (22-to-1).

So, what matchup to bet on? Ask a desperate housewife.

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