The Wall Street Journal has now declared: Scully may use too many words, they’re still the best words to use


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A month ago, a Wall Street Journal reporter decided that Vin Scully was the “chattiest” baseball broadcaster of all employed by a big-league team (linked here). When we mentioned it in a blog post (linked here), even Scully emailed to ask: They do know I work alone, right?

Yes, they even took that into account. But, it’s the numbers-driven WSJ. Content and quality, maybe not so much. Not when it comes to using words perfectly fine in a complete sentence.

Today, there’s a different WSJ spin on Scully, seemingly acknowledging that his words, though excessive, are pretty artful (linked here) .

Writes Chicago-based reporter Mark Yost:

The Major League Baseball playoffs begin tonight, and with them will come justifiable criticism of some of the abysmal sports commentary that regularly trudges across the airwaves. For a refreshing change, I would direct listeners to the smooth tenor voice and pithy commentary of Vin Scully. This is Mr. Scully’s 60th year in the Los Angeles Dodgers broadcast booth, and he is nothing short of the best play-by-play man working in sports today.

Enough said.

By the way … Did you hear Chip Caray butcher that fly ball in the bottom of the ninth in the Twins-Tigers TBS broadcast Tuesday … the one where the Twins runner was thrown out trying to score on a sac fly, a double play to send it into extra innings? Caray’s call: “Line drive … Base hit … caught out there …”
Check that…

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