Gammons on Torre: He’s gone after 2010 because Dodger ownership has made his life a ‘living hell’


Peter Gammons is so money.

ESPN’s Hall of Fame baseball analyst, a guest on Michael Kay’s 1050-AM ESPN sports talk show in New York, came up with a nice sound bite that should be recycled over the next few days and create some kind of backlash during the upcoming NLCS.

Kay asked Gammons if he agreed that Joe Torre would only stay on as the Dodgers’ manager through the 2010 season, when his contract ends.

“Yes, I do buy that,” said Gammons.


” … I wouldn’t be surprised and I think … I think … a lot of things will probably come out here in the next few months but I think (Torre’s) life with the Dodgers is pretty much a living hell.”

Kay: “Really!?”

Gammons: “Oh, yeah.”

Kay: “So he thought he had it bad in New York and it’s worse there?”

Gammons: “Oh, yeah … Oh, yeah. There’ll be a lot that comes out in time with Dodger ownership, but that is a mess, and I don’t think anyone wants to have to put up with it too long.”

Would this happen to have anything to do with persistent rumors that keep coming back that … the McCourts are … dare we say it …. not in marital bliss?

Waiting to hear if ESPN has any sort of followup on this. Gammons was not on today’s episode of ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight,” which consisted of John Kruk, Edwardo Perez and Buck Showalter.

UPDATE: The Daily News has reported … (linked here).

UPDATE: Torre’s response (linked here)

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