Drive around town, see the Dodger score — why didn’t Arte “Mr. Billboard” Moreno think of this?


The Dodgers announced today that it will update commuters around L.A. with scores from its NLCS series against the Phillies on CBS Outdoor digital billboards.

Taking the exact information off the Dodger scoreboard at Dodger Stradium with the inning-by-inning breakdown, billboards at Olympic Blvd. and Granville, Cahuenga at Franklin, Westwood and Santa Monica Blvds, Third and La Cienega and Santa Monica at Federal will have everything live for those who normally look at a Courtney Cox billboard promoting “CougarTown.”

Seems much more safer than hitting the iPhone or waiting for Charlie Steiner to give out the score during the live KABC-AM (790) broadcast.

The digital boards will be updated every 60 seconds.

How did this idea come about? Dodgers Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully says he remembers how as a kid he’d walk through the streets of New York and there would be a lopsided in-progress score posted on butcher paper and put up in store windows during the N.Y. Giants-N.Y. Yankees series. There are also instances where newspapers had a giant diamond diagram in their front window and would try to recreate the games through teletype information.

In this Twitter age of instant information, why not get ahead of the billboard curve while you’re on the curve of the highway.

And in this age of reality TV, skateboarders and psuedo celebs, why not have a billboard with this guy on it:

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