Lisa Guerrero: Investigative reporter, er, plant

Found on The Sporting News’ webiste:


The television show “Inside Edition” planted former Monday Night Football team member Lisa Guerrero in two Nashville hotels and sent another reporter to find her, which he did all too easily, according to the show.

In Monday night’s episode, reporter Jim Moret located Guerrero at the Marriott Vanderbilt and then at the Music City Sheraton just by asking at the front desk. The Vanderbilt is where ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews was secretly filmed nude in her room last year.

A Sheraton clerk asked Moret if he knew Guerrero saying, “Because, you know, after everything that went on,” apparently referring to the Andrews incident.

The clerk then gave Moret a room two doors away from Guerrero, taking his word that he was a friend of hers.

“It’s creepy that somebody can check into a hotel room, tell somebody that they’re my friend … [then] 20 minutes later be … 20 feet from my front door,” Guerrero said.

At the Marriott, Moret called ahead and asked for a room next to Guerrero. When she checked in two days later, she was not informed that someone had requested a room near her.

And when Moret checked in 20 minutes later and reminded the desk clerk of his request, the hotel confirmed that Lisa Guerrero was a guest and that she had already checked in. They did not give Moret a room next to her, but they did tell him Guerrero was staying just one floor below.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have anything close, but you are a floor above her,” the desk clerk told him.

That’s some undercover work, my dear. And thanks for the tip.

== According to a story in the Nashville SomethingorOther (linked here), this proves that “ESPN Sportslechers Can Still Find the Hotties at Vandy Marriott.” Apparently, they’ve lumped Guerrero into this category.

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