Eck, Boomer need to check their Magic 8 Balls again


TBS MLB studio analyst Dennis Eckersley said it before Friday’s NLCS Game 2, on whether this would be the end of the recent success enjoyed by Dodgers starter Vincente Padilla:

“How long is that going to last? This is branch-work for me and it’s a matter of time before he falls out of that tree. This is a big game for this guy. This might be the game where he takes gas.”

You’d think so. Temps near 100 on the field. He’s throwing 95 pitches. And he looks up, and it’s the eighth inning, he’s only trailing 1-0, and he’s got another major quality start turned in.

Then, consider that TBS analyst David Wells, before the game, didn’t think Phillies starter Pedro Martinez would have anything near the performance he did. Wells, afterward:

“Nobody feels worse than me because I said that Pedro wouldn’t make it through four (innings). So, Pedro, I am sorry. I blew this call big time. I know what it’s like not pitching for a month and then going out there. I’ll never doubt him again. He’s a veteran guy and he knows what it’s like to go out there. So I’ll shine your shoes, I’ll do whatever I’ve got to do, but man you were absolutely brilliant.”

At least Wells owned up to it. Eck … what the heck.

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