The Media Learning Curve: Oct. 9-16

MLB Productions announced this week it has a $229.99 bargain you can refuse. But you’d be throwing away history if you did.


In its archives of film, video and whatever stop-motion effects are the technique of the day, the MLB is set to release a 20-disc DVD set that has 50 hours of restored footage from the last 65 World Series. It goes on sale Nov. 10. It can be preordered on (linked here) if you believe there’s going to be a run on this. Modell’s has it too (just watch the shipping and handling charges, linked here).

There’s also a 50-plus page book that goes with it to read between switching out DVDs.

Apparently, the first World Series film came out in 1943. The U.S. State Department wanted a highlight reel of the Yankees’ win over St. Louis to send overseas to the troops during World War II. It was 23 minutes long, in black and white.

Vin Scully narrates his share of World Series highlights — especially when the Dodgers are involved. Mel Allen, Haray Caray, Curt Gowdy and Lew Fonseca are also featured.

Too bad you can’t just cherry pick the disc you want for your collection. Of the 20, the one’s we’d most likely grab are:

== Disc 3 (115 minutes, includes the ’55 Dodgers)
== Disc 4 (182 minues, includes the ’59 Dodgers)
== Disc 5 (100 minutes, with the ’63 Dodgers)
== Disc 6 (152 minutes, has the ’65 Dodgers)
== Disc 8 (170 minutes, with the ’74 Dodgers losing to Oakland, and ’75-’76 Reds)
== Disc 9 (166 minutes, ends with the ’81 Dodgers, also has the Dodgers losing to the Yankees in ’77 and ’78).
== Disc 12 (177 minutes, starts with the ’88 Dodgers)
== Disc 17 (145 minutes, ends with the ’02 Angels)

David A. Gavant, the executive producer of MLB Productions, said that more than 30 films were resurrected from the archive shto on 16mm film. “We found those original negatives deep in the archive and retransferred them to HD,” he said.

So, what have we learned from this announcement? It’s nice to have something to give to Frank McCourt for a holiday gift, if we had $230 laying around. But this year, well, it’s just bad timing all around.

Here’s what else we learned about what you’re getting ahead of time this meager gift-giving season:

== Your Week 7 college football TV schedule makes you decide between USC and UCLA at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday … throw the Irish into the equation and is it really a tough choice? (linked here)

== Your Week 6 NFL TV schedule, without the blessings of former ESPN NFL studio analyst (and don’t you forget it) Rush Limbaugh (linked here)

== If this is also “your” town, as it says on the billboards, wouldn’t this just be “our” town, Mr. Hand? Check out the signage that show you the updated scores of the Dodger playoff games (linked here).

== Watch out for that dang cable cam swooping around along the first-base line at Dodger Stadium (linked here)

== Boy oh boy, that Lisa Guerrero is some under-the-cover reporter (linked here)

== Fox’s Ken Rosenthal is all over A-Rod like a Kate Hudson movie (linked here). And he’s got more on the McCourt McSplit (linked here). And it was all started — kinda — by a cryptic quote from Peter Gammons, that forced the McCourts’ hand in public (linked here), even if Joe Torre contends there’s no hell living in his life.

== Michael Vick couldn’t pass on a reality TV show about him? Wanna BET he should start scrambling away from it right now? (linked here)


== Something you can’t blame on Chip Caray for … probably … this typo on “World Series” (via and

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