There is etiquette to eating a Dodger Dog?


According to L.A.-based Steve Lowery’s story in today’s Philadelphia Daily News (linked here), you can buy a Dodger Dog (which has its own Wikipedia page, linked here) before a game — but never should it touch your lips until after the first pitch.

It’s in the rule book. Larry David probably did an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on it…

“Oh, you never eat them before the game,” said Denise Towa, with her husband Scott, of Canoga Park, a half-dozen people back from the counter where the footlong frank that is second only to Vin Scully in Dodger fans’ hearts is sold. “You have to eat them during the game. I’ve tried eating them at home, you know buying them at the market and eating them while watching a game on TV. They’re good, but it’s not, you know, the full experience.”

Scott admits the most he’s ever inhaled: Six.

“It was a bet,” he said. “The last one hurt, but I got it down.”

They missed the first pitch of the game, because they were in line. The missed the whole first inning, in fact.

“Good things come to those who wait,” Denise said. “I mean, I just didn’t come here for the Dodger Dogs. If you saw what we had to pay on ‘Stub Hub’ for these tickets, you’d know that. But I gotta have my Dodger Dogs. It’s not really a game without them.”

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