Our Daily Dread: Heading to Divorce McCourt, dragging us with ’em


Associated Press
Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has Kobe Bryant on his side during Friday’s game.

It was almost as uncomfortable watching Frank and Jamie McCourt maneuver around each other during Friday’s NLCS Game 2 at Dodger Stadium as it was watching Phillies pitcher J.A. Happ try to pitch to Andre Either after he started with a 1-2 count and the bases loaded in a tie game in the bottom of the eighth.


Either looked at three straight balls, took a walk, forced in the go-ahead run, and provided another heroic Hollywood ending.

Neither Frank nor Jamie tried to look at each other, took sidesteps around each other, tried to keep Kobe Bryant and Mayor Ventertained, and looked headed to another sad Hollywood relationship ending.

We’ve got more thoughts on this as we watched it all play out like a car wreck on the 110 in today’s newspaper (linked here). Live and learn.

That’s Jamie, by the way, in the sleeveless tan dress, sitting front-row as Dodgers catcher Russell Martin watches Chase Utley’s fly ball end Friday’s game.

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