Take us out of ’09, Vinny …


How Vin Scully called the last half of the Dodgers’ 2009 season Wednesday night in Philadelphia during Game 5 of the NLCS:

For starters:

Philadelphia, with a commanding lead of 10-4. And for the Dodgers, another sad story on a road trip littered with broken hearts … If this holds up their record in the postseason on the road since 1995 will be 3-11. Philadelphia will be 5-0 against them in the postseason and will have won 10 of the last 12 .. .with the reasonable assumption the Dodgers won’t be coming back with six in the ninth inning ….

After Mark Loretta strikes out for the first out:

For the Dodgers, another long, heartbreaking trip back to Los Angeles. As Eugene O’Neal wrote a long days journey into night and back into day because it’s already quarter to 12 … The television cameras are watching Manny Ramirez. I think they’re saying he’s going to take a shower….

After Rafael Furcal pops out foul to the catcher for the second out:

We are one out away from bedlam in Philadelphia. And how about this: The Philadephia Municipal Authority has greased every pole in the city so the kids, in their enthusiasm, are unable to climb the poles. How about that?
What Brad Lidge is trying to do now is grease the Dodgers so they slip and slide all the way back to Los Angeles.
If you like crowd noise, this is the place to be …

As Ronnie Belliard flies out to end the game:

2 and 1. High fly ball … it is very playable … and it is caught by Shawn Victorino … and the Phillies have won the National League pennant back to back years and head to the World Series.
The totals on the ballgame, for the Phillies, 10 runs 10 hits, they had four home runs … the Dodgers, four runs, eight hits, three solo home runs … Durbin is the winner and Padilla the loser.
And for the Dodgers, another sad story of runners in scoring positon. So when you think about it for the Dodgers, their luck had run out. If you say that to the Dodgers you might get a dirty look, but they were lucky when Matt Holiday lost a ball in the lights (in NLDS Game 2). They were lucky when the bunt got past Chan Ho Park (in the NLCS Game 2, leading to a winning rally). But the Phillies came on strong to win it. Back to back champions.
Rick and Charley will be back in a minute. We’ll be back.

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