Andrew Bynum, the NBA’s ‘most overpaid player’


Do you buy into Andrew Bynum yet? passes.

In a story posted today (linked here), Tom Van Riper (apparently his real name) writes that as teams continue to be enamored in the potential value of big men, Bynum has risen to the top and is “leading the pack” of overpaid large humans.

“(The Lakers) invested four more years and $58 million in him after the 2007-08 season. The project may yet pay off — Bynum improved to 14 points a game last year while averaging the most minutes (29) of his four-year career. But his numbers have a long way to go to catch up to his contract.”

To measure Bynum’s overvalue, Van Riper says he compared “major career statistics (primarily minutes played, points and rebounds per game) to players’ current contracts,” so that Bynum is measured against other players on the basis of both the $58 million the Lakers invested in him and by the average $14.5 million he rakes in per year.

Bynum is one of six centers on a top 10 list that includes Charlotte’s DeSagana Diop (almost $7 million a year, 15 minutes a game), Dallas’ Erick Dampier (over $10 million annually for eight points and eight rebounds a game) and Chicago’s Jerome James (a part-time player finishing up a three-year, $30 million deal.

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