Khloe & Lamar: It’s Over Already!


That’s the screaming headline on page 39 of the Oct. 26 issue of Star magazine — located only because the cover teaser says “Khloe & Lamar Over Already!”

(First off, don’t pay the $3.99 for the issue. I found it at the gym when the girl on the whirlybird stationary thing next to me was reading it. When she left, I snatched it — investigative resoucefulness — to find a story seven paragraphs long with four writers credited with putting it together)

The core of it: The Odom-Kardashian TV wedding special is Nov. 8 “but by then, even the pretense of a happy marriage is likely to be over!”

You don’t exclaim! Go on ….

“As Star reported, the L.A. Lakers forward was seeing at least three diferent women in the weeks before he married Khloe, 25, after knowing her just 32 days — and now his bride is suspicious of his every move.”

Now she is? She knows he’s an NBA player, right?

After the Lakers defeated Golden State in an Oct. 7 exhibition, “Khloe was in tears when he didn’t return to their room at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills until very late,” the mag reports. Also, she was “noticeably absent” from the Lakers’ exhibition at the Forum a couple of Fridays ago.

So the headline is all based on those facts? If that’s the case, Kobe Bryant’s wife must be “over” him “already” as well. ….

Wait, is that a scoop?!?!?!?

Go on the Star magazine website (linked here) and you won’t even find this among the “5 hottest stories of the week.” A shocker!!

But go to the New York Daily News site (linked here), and see the story posted today with the headline: “Lamar Odom hasn’t introduced new wife Khloe Kardashian to his children”

Perhaps he’s trying to save the marriage.

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