The Media Learning Curve: Oct. 16-23


The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir tries to figure out why the Southern California TV market seems so depressed when it comes to ratings that try to gauge viewership for the Dodgers’ and Angels’ postseason run (linked here).

Take, for instance, the overnight rating for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” game, which more than tripled the Dodgers-Phillies NLCS Game 3 playoff game on TBS (12.0 vs. 3.7). In the Los Angeles market, “Sunday Night Football” beat the NLCS game featuring the Dodgers by 15 percent (8.4 vs. 7.3). Of course, the Dodgers were trailing 6-0 early on and never scrambled back in it. The Sunday Night game featured … what does it matter?

Sandomir writes: Maybe it’s the old time-zone thing that limits viewership in the West Coast because what starts at 8 o’clock in New York begins at 5 in Santa Monica. Perhaps Angelenos have more amusing diversions. Maybe it’s the cold and the rain in the East keeping fans inside. Or maybe old baseball cities like New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia tend to support their teams in greater numbers.

Or maybe, it’s that ratings don’t add up to squat, failing to take into account Southern California viewing habits and exposing themselves for a lack of accurate measurement.

We can go outside our homes, so we often watch these games with friends in sports bars, restaurants, at the gym. Or, even store it TiVo it for later consumption, after finding out the score and deciding if it’s worth devoting three hours of our lives to it.

Dorm rooms, too, aren’t registered by the archaic Nielsen monitors. There’s a whole generation of kids watching that don’t get counted.

Add and subtract all you want, but those ratings will never accurately measure Southern California’s TV audience for any big-time group must-watch programming. No matter what time it starts, finishes or delays in between.

And if your choice is listening to Vin Scully describe it on the radio as you’re in traffic coming home from work past 7 p.m., versus trying to race home and find it on TBS, it’s an easy solution — go with the radio.

And who is this Nielsen guy anyway? Do you know anyone with one of his machines in their home?

What else do you need to know, Bronx breath?

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Somehow, this YouTube clip is getting recirculated on (linked here) under the headline “World’s Worst Sports Announcer,” from a Athletics-Red Sox game played in Japan to open the 2008 season … maybe because it reminds some of Chip Caray these days:

EMBED-World’s Worst Sports Announcer – Watch more free videos

It has about 60,000 views and more than 300 comments, none funnier than: “You would think at some time during the interviewing process they could of at least asked this guy ‘Have you ever seen a baseball game before?;”
Or you’d think at some point the viewer would realize this is a put-on.

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