And now, the aftermath: Steve Phillips plays the ‘sex addict’ card, PA girl is fired


It’s in today’s New York Post (linked here), which broke this story two weeks ago:

== ESPN MLB analyst Steve Phillips, fired by the net on Sunday after asking for personal time off to deal with his family after his affair with a company production assistant went public, has began seeking counciling because he’s a “sex addict.”

Phillips, 46, “really needs help, and this was the best way to do it,” said his agent, Steve Lefkowitz. .. “It was a bid to keep his life. He’s going in for an illness. The problem is, he fell off the wagon. … He knows he needs help, and he wants to work it out. He wants to keep his four boys and his wife. He doesn’t want to lose them.”

In 1998, Phillips, while as the Mets GM, took leave for counseling after admitting he had multiple extramarital affairs. His wife, Marni, last month sued for divorce after learning of his trysts with 22-year-old Brooke Hundley.


Hundley, by the way, was fired by ESPN. It’s a police matter: She’s suspected of using ESPN computers to create fake online accounts to contact Phillips’ son and try to get information on the family.

Hundley filed a restraining order against Phillips on Aug. 20 that claimed he pressured her for sex.

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