Scully news: A Q&A on the way … and nothing else urgent … we repeat, nothing urgent


The Hollywood Radio & Television Society is promoting the fact that it will have a lunch featuring a Q&A with Dodgers Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The lunch starts at 12:30 p.m. More information: (818) 789-1182 or visit

Ron Shelton, the Hollywood writer, director and producer, will be asking the questions.

Meanwhile, for the lead item in today’s, writer Don Barrett copied and pasted an item that former Channel 9 sportscaster and KMPC-AM (710) morning man Scott St. James put up on his blog (linked here) recently concerning how people at the station aren’t taking care of Scully properly.

St. James says he’s been wrestling with this “story” since mid-October — reporting on the fact Scully misidentified a home run that Manny Ramirez hit on Oct. 15 in the NLDS Game 1 against Philadelphia as a three-run homer instead of what it was, a two-run homer.

The home run took place in the bottom fifth inning — when Scully was not on the air. He had done the first three innings, then was coming back in the top of the seventh to do the final three. The homer pulled the Dodgers from a three-run deficit back to within one.

The error was repeated several times going into a commercial break. But no one, apparently, informed him that the error had occured. Scully repeated it throughout until the end of the game.

St. James isn’t sure who’s more at fault with this — the KABC-AM (790) executive producer, for not doing his job to correct him, or the program director who hired the EP.

Writes St. James:

The questions I have that haven’t been answered are as follows; Did the Executive Producer, during a commercial break after the top of the 8th inning ended, politely advise Scully of the mistake he was making? If not, is this because the Executive Producer is not allowed to talk to Scully, the Executive Producer wasn’t listening to Scully’s play by play or is it because the Executive Producer (while listening) didn’t KNOW that Scully was giving inaccurate information for the final six half innings of the broadcast on KABC?

ORRR…Is this something that should have been handled by someone else? And if so, who might that be? …

If these guys want to pretend their big league job titles makes them big league players, they ARE required to “Protect The Show.” What happened on the night of October 15th seems to indicate that (as Al Campanis might have said) “THEY DON’T HAVE THE NECESSITIES!”

Take it for what it’s worth…

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