The Media Learning Curve: Oct. 23-30


What’s this about how high schools are getting all money crazy by charging higher fees for TV production trucks that neither the Dodgers nor Angels would even think of hitting they up for?

We’re catching up on a recent blog post by L.A. Times veteran prep writer (and former Daily News prep czar) Eric Sondheimer (linked here) explaining how Mater Dei and Long Beach Poly probably won’t be able to have any of their home football games televised from Santa Ana Stadium or Long Beach Veterans Stadium because of prohibitive stadium fees.


FSN West/Prime Ticket is paying the CIF Southern Section about $40,000 this year in rights fees to televise high school sporting events. But in return, Vets Stadium (run by Long Beach City College) has been asking for $7,500 in fees (for seven hours or more), plus custodial fees of $35.50 an hour, for any time FSN West/Prime Ticket wants to do a game there. At Santa Ana Stadium, run by the city of Santa Ana, it’s a $2,100 flat fee.

Give the kids a break, eh?

Through some further research, the charge for any TV truck at Dodger Stadium or Angel Stadium is a flat $1,500 a game. At Yankee Stadium, for example, it’s in the $4,000 range. But then, at the Rose Bowl, Coliseum, Home Depot Center, Staples Center and Honda Center do not have a fee, according to our sources.

What gives?

There’s gotta be more behind the fees being as steep as they are — city ordinances, union involvement, etc. If the bottom line is that residents don’t want the TV trucks around, then that’s what they’ve bargained for.

It can only lead to schools like Long Beach Poly or Mater Dei to find a new home field if they want TV exposure. Then who’ll foot the bill?

Some other things we’ve like to include in our week of learning in review:

== Your college football Week 9 TV schedule (linked here), with lots of Oregon cheerleaders on Halloween, dressed up as awesome Oregon cheerleaders.

== Your NFL Week 8 TV schedule (linked here), with the Farve thing in the way again.

== Fox’s NFL pregame is getting more bang for their buck with a billboard ad campaign — complete with goal posts and pads (linked here)

== They (Harry Caray and Curt Gowdy, working the ’68 championship for NBC) were talking about TV replays in the World Series more than 40 years ago (linked here). Yet, Fox doesn’t want to be put in the position to push for more umpire help from their camera feeds (linked here)

== The Ocho Cinco News Network (OCNN) even got a mention in Sports Illustrated this week (linked here), and he was on Letterman doing the Top 10 list Thursday, which was also promoting his new book … does he know the NFL season is underway?

== Steve Phillips, called out (linked here)

== The video on Bob Griese’s taco reference (linked here)

== Why having a 22-year-old son made it even more difficult for Mary Carillo to report on the Nick Adenhart story for HBO’s “Real Sports” this week (linked here)

== Can there be a “wow” factor in getting kids to read about sports (linked here)?

== Did you get to hear Rick Reilly call a race at Santa Anita (linked here)? You will on ESPN’s coverage of the Breeders Cup next weekend (linked here).

== Wasn’t Larry Merchant telling us a few weeks ago that the New York Times never covers boxing any more (linked here)?

== You seen the Season 3 premiere yet of “Mayne Street”? It’s only been out for awhile… while we wait for Episode 2, have at it, where Bill Simmons pretends he’s not from Boston (from Encino) and wears a Doug Christie Clippers jersey:

== These guys are in a “league” of their own, on FX (linked here).

== Here’s a question to ask Vin Scully: Why does it seem everyone’s afraid to correct you behind the scenes if you make an error? (linked here)

== Our array of leftover notes (linked here)


== A new favorite bookmark, (linked here), authored by former Daily Bruin sports editor Evan Lovett, with his own links to interesting finds along the way. He also passes along a link he found to a Columbia Journalism Review piece on “The Reconstruction of American Journalism” (linked here) with very compelling commentary and insight.
Another thing Evan has been on top of is the ongoing vs. ESPN legal controversy that’s been brewing, and we should take a closer look at in the days to come.

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