Maybe next time, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin call the Vikings-Packers game


A press release direclty from Fox Sports with our comments added in italic:

Last week’s Fox doubleheader game (mostly Vikings-Packers) was watched by 29.8 million viewers — making it the most-watched program on television since the Academy Awards more than eight months ago on February 22 (36.3 million viewers). Even on a night when some 23 million viewers also stuck around to watch the Yankees-Phillies World Series Game 3 a few minutes after Minnesota-Green Bay ended on Fox affiliates.

The first Green Bay-Minnesota game, on Oct. 5, did 21.8 million ESPN.

That’s kind of like saying the Lakers’ eight-point victory over Atlanta on Sunday night was their most lopsided regular season win since defeating Utah by 13 on the last day of the 2008-09 season.
The Vikings-Packers viewership tops that of the season finales of popular prime time programming including “American Idol,” “CSI” and “Dancing with the Stars,: as well as all regular-season and championship coverage of other sports.

Functioning people still watching “Dancing With The Stars”?

NFL games account for the top 6 and 11 of the 12 most-watched sporting events since Super Bowl XLIII.

And if that Favre guy is throwin’ the pickle around, all the better, it seems, for viewership. .

Following are the most watched sporting events since Super Bowl XLIII:


1. Fox Sunday national game (with most seeing Minnesota-Green Bay, but some actually forced to see Arizona-Carolina) on Nov. 1: 29.8 million viewers (the viewership in Minnesota was a 47 rating and 76 share; in Milwaukee, it was a 45.7 rating and 70 share). The Raiders-Chargers game from San Diego, on opposite this game on CBS, did a 29.6 rating and 56 share in the San Diego market. In Phoenix, where viewers had to watch Arizona host Carolina on Fox instead of Minnesota-Green Bay, the Cardinals-Panthers did a 22.4 rating and 40 share, making that crappy little game the higest-rated program in the Phoenix market for the week.

2. Fox Sunday national game (mostly Atlanta-Dallas) on Nov. 25: 28.4 million

3. Fox Sunday national game (mostly Washington-N.Y. Giants) on Oct. 13: 25.1 million

4. NBC Sunday Night Football (N.Y. Giants-Dallas) on Sept. 20: 24.8 million

5. CBS Sunday national game (mostly Tennessee-New England) on Oct. 18: 10/18
23.9 million

6. CBS Sunday national game (mostly PIttsburgh-Chicago) on Sept. 20: 23.9 million

7. World Series Game 4 (Yankees-Phillies) on Nov. 1: 22.8 million

8. Fox Sunday national game (mostly Dallas-Denver) on Oct. 4: 22.0 million

9. ESPN Monday Night Football (Green Bay-Minnesota) on Oct. 5: 21.8 million

10. NBC Sunday Night Football (Chicago-Green Bay) on Sept. 13: 21.1 million

11. CBS Sunday national game (mostly New England-Denver) on Oct. 11: 20.9 million

12. NBC Thursday Night Kickoff Game (Tennessee-Pittsburgh) on Sept. 10: 20.9 million

13. World Series Game 1 (Phillies-Yankees) on Oct. 28: 19.5 million

14. Fox Sunday single game (mostly Atlanta-New England and San Francisco-Minnesota) on Sept. 27: 19.3 million

15. World Series Game 2 (Phillies-Yankees) on Oct. 29: 18.9 million

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