‘Tis the place to keep up on the Dodger Divorce, without TMZ influence … we think


Where to go for the latest news, analysis and general trashing of the bitterness that is Frank and Jamie McCourt?

A site called “Dodger Divorce” (linked here) that has an email address and Twitter account started last month by 23-year-old Josh Fisher, who calls himself on the site a “Dodger fan, law nerd, news addict.”

The South Bay native who lives in Minneapolis is really a law student, researcher and intern to a federal judge who admits that the site “consumes a couple hours each day depending on how busy things are. I started it because I wanted to get my thoughts on the topic organized. Through a couple bloggy connections, specifically Craig Calcaterra at Shysterball and Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts, I started to grow an audience pretty quickly.”

After Thursday’s latest court hearing, Fisher wrote in a post “The Journey of 1,000 Miles Began This Morning”:

“If I had to pick a winner, it’d be Jamie, but this was really like one of those mid-September Royals/Orioles games…yeah, there’s a box score, but is there really a story? The main event of today’s hearing was the reinstatement petition, which Jamie lost. But, as we’ve discussed, she probably didn’t want to win that one anyway. The lasting impact of today’s hearing will be the result of a match on the day’s undercard: the Dodgers as a party. Jamie’s successful attempt to exclude the Dodgers as a party is the most important outcome of the day. Oh, and she got her lap-pool access, so: good for her.”

And good for us.

And not that this relates to this in any way, but check out this site about “McCourt’s In Session” (lined here) set up by Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda of Blame Society Productions.

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