Our Daily Dread: Sorry, but we read the rest of the newspaper, too

Not just sports. Because, if you look beyond the sports section, you’ll often find better sports stories.

Such as:


== In the real estate section:

Former major league pitcher Bret Saberhagen has listed his gated Calabasas home for sale at $3.25 million. The renovated and rebuilt compound includes a 5,600-square foot, single-story Tuscany-style villa and two guest houses on 1.2 acres. The main house has a home theatre with a 90-inch screen and eight recliners, a wine cellar that can seat 12, five bedroom suites and six bathrooms. His in-home sports bar is equipped with five TVs. Outdoors there is a cabana with a fireplace and television, a swimming pool with spa, a wet bar and a putting green. His compound is about a 10-minute drive from the beach and the freeway, he said, and sits on a dead-end street with no street lights. “So you always have plenty of stars and moon at night.” The home, build in 1969, has mountain views and room for stables and horses.
The San Fernando Valley lifelong resident who lived in Kansas City while playing for the Royals said: “I moved back in 2002 after I finished my baeball career to watch my kid finish up high school at Calabasas. Saberhagen’s youngest child is a senior there and will be going away to college in the fall. Saberhagen said he plans to stay in California and would like to move closer to the ocean.

Just so you know, Sabes — with the market today, it’ll be tough to get all that for $3.2 mil again. We say you stay put and invite us over at least once a week to consult on future home purchasing.


== From the “corrections” section in main news:

In an NFL column in Monday’s Sports section, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was quoted as saying, “It didn’t seem weird until I got in nera the pier,” talking about his return to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. What he said was, “It didn’t seem weird until I got in near De Pere,” which is a town between Appleton and Green Bay.

An easy mistake. Because there are so many piers in the greater Milwaukee area. As opposed to so many types of beers.

== Another from the “corrections” section:

A column in Sunday’s Sports section on how TV money is affecting baseball’s postseason scheduling said, “From 1969 throgh 2006, World Series Game 1 was on a Saturday.” From 1977 through 1984, and in 1990, the Series started midweek. Also, the Series was canceled in 1994. And in 1996, rain delayed Game 1 from Saturday to Sunday.

Other than that, it mostly started on a Saturday. Check that …

== From a local news section:

Dr. Drew Pinsky, the radio and TV personality, ran onto the Chadwick School field over the weekend to assist a seriously injured student. Jackson Allan, a sophomore at Polytechnic School in Pasadena, had suffered a tramatic head injury Saturday that caused him to loose consciousness, according to a letter issued by Head of School Debbie Reed. Pinsky, who hosts “Celebrity Rehab” on VH1, as well as the radio show “Loveline,” is the parent of a Poly student. He and a Chadwick parent, also a doctor, provided care for Allan until paramedics arrived. Allen underwent surgery to relieve pressure on the brain from internal bleeding.

Had Adam Carolla had been there with Dr. Drew, things could have been a lot funnier.


== From letters to Parade Magazine:


Q: Ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was blond during his playing days. Now, as an announcer, he has dark auburn hair. What’s up with that? — Angie Simon, Wadsworth, Ohio.
A: Heck, Angie, lots of manly men change their hair color, and male professional athletes have been doing crazy stuff with their locks for years. Our best guess is that for his role as an analyst for Fox Sports, Troy wanted to look … well, more analytical.

Or, maybe from these photos, Troy Boy went from auburn (to Oklahoma and UCLA) to blond and now back to auburn… something like that. Now, it’s Joe Buck who has the blond hair. Not that you can’t have two blonds in one booth working together.

== From the obituary pages:

Chris Hawk, 58, a surfer and board shaper who was inducted last month into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame in Huntington Beach, died of cancer Oct. 23 at his home in San Clemente, said his former wife, Kathy Hawk Margerum. Hawk had long been considered for the Hall of Fame, which usually has its ceremony in July, but his induction was moved up because of his illness, said Aaron Pai, founder of the Surfers’ Hall of Fame. Hawk said in the Orange County Register that the ceremony was “the most honorable moment of my life.” Pat Lien, manager of a Huntington Beach surfboard shop, told the Huntington Beach Independent: “In the ’80s, he was the guy the locals wanted their boards made by. You were kind of somebody if you had his board in the water.”

Before Tony Hawk, there was Chris Hawk. Fly away home.

== From a news roundup in the front section:

Police say a woman singing karaoke was attacked by six other women who didn’t like her performance. The attack happened Sept. 23 during karaoke night at Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Cafe in Stamford, Conn., police say. The six women, all under the legal drinking age of 21, allegedly knocked the singer to the floor, punched her and pulled her hair. She suffered bruises and a chipped tooth. The victim, 25, said she was singing “A Dios le Pido” by Columbian singer Juanes.

That’s the kind of stuff that just writes itself. Too bad there’s no video, a la Tim Floyd, of Bobby V, the former Dodgers and Angels outfielder and manager most famously with the Mets but most recently in Japan, trying to bust things up.

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